Juice Cleanses

Juice Cleanses are only available in the West Cork Area. Order online to collect your juices at the Skibbereen Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings or contact me and we can arrange another delivery or pick-up location.

  • 1 Day Juice Cleanse €27 (4 juices)

  • 3 Day Juice Cleanse: €75 (4 juices x 3 days = 12 in total)

Juice Menu



  • Avocado
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Apple
  • Pineapple
  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina
  • Hemp
  • Parsley
  • Lime

A powerhouse of raw green energy to set you up for the day ahead! Hemp provides the texture in the juice along with the skin loving benefits of omega, 3, 6 and 9.  Magnesium, iron, good amounts of protein along with cholesterol lowering fibre complete the healthy picture.



  • Carrot
  • Apple
  • Ginger
  • Lemon

Cleansing, uplifting and anti- inflammatory – perfect for that afternoon slump!



  • Celery
  • Broccoli
  • Carrot
  • Beetroot
  • Lettuce
  • Apple
  • Lemon
  • Ginger

 Liver loving, anti inflammatory beetroot, anxiety soothing lettuce, blood pressure and cholesterol lowering celery. A powerfully nutritious dinner in a bottle.



  • Pear
  • Cucumber
  • Mint
  • Apple
  • Chamomile
  • Lime

The digestion calming properties of pear and mint and the hydrating properties of cucumber combine with the sleep enhancing effects of Chamomile making this the perfect bedtime juice!

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Health Benefits of Juicing

As a nutritional therapists, I am very aware of the amazing health benefits of consuming 5 + portions of fresh fruit and vegetables per day. The optimum is now actually 9 + portions but who actually manages to eat 9+ portions a day? I know that with the best will in the world, we rarely manage to get that amount in.

Juicing is a wonderful way to improve your health and ensure you get your 9+ per day. It’s why so many health conscious people today are incorporating juicing into their healthy eating regimes. As we know, fresh fruits and vegetables play a huge role in improving our health and well being, and have unparalleled nutritional qualities.

The benefits of juicing are bountiful:

Healing. Detoxifying. Energy boosting. Internal cleansing. Anti-ageing. Better concentration. Skin health. Hydrating. Alkalizing. Flatter stomach. Rejuvenating. A wonderful feeling of renewal from the inside out! Need any more reasons to start…?!

There are many research studies showing that a high fruit and vegetable intake has numerous health benefits and may also reduce the incidences of the many chronic diseases plaguing our society today, including; obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

My raw, cold pressed juice programme is based on consuming fruits and vegetables in their purest form: fresh, organic, and enzyme-rich, offering the body the highest nutrition while using the lowest expenditure of digestive energy in order to allow the body to focus on detoxifying, re-energising and healing.

Fresh, raw juices:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve digestion
  • Detoxify and cleanse the body
  • Boost energy levels
  • Support a healthy weight
  • Maintain healthy cardiovascular function
  • Support the liver and kidneys
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Help reduce allergies

Prepare For Your Cleanse

To maximize results you should attempt to alkalise your body as much as possible for a few days before you begin your juice cleanse.

I advise:

  • Taking 3 – 5 days to prepare before you begin your juice cleanse program.
  • Cutting out, or down on: Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sugar, dairy and processed foods in advance of your juice cleanse.
  • Getting plenty of rest, gentle exercise and early nights.
  • Adding some healthy alkaline foods to your diet. Include green vegetables, vegetable soups, fresh avocado, flax oil, brown rice and soaked almonds.

These juices will replace your meals for the whole day. Make sure you drink plenty of water or non-caffeinated herbal teas throughout the day. On rising in the morning, be sure to drink a pint of warm water with a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

It’s a good idea to do your juice cleanse on a day where you don’t have too much on, or preferably, where you can relax and pamper yourself at home and do the extra detoxification activities listed below.

Extra Tips For The Ultimate Cleanse


The skin is the largest cleansing organ in the body. When you sweat your skin eliminates more toxins and waste than the colon and kidneys combined! During your cleanse, try to soak with 1 – 2 cups of Epsom salt, mineral salts or sea salts for about 15 minutes. What happens is that the Epsom salts draws lactic acid out of the muscle and the sulphur elements help detoxify and draw the acid and toxins out of your body.


Spending about 30 minutes in the sauna will stimulate the therapeutic sweating you will experience during the cleanse and will allow the skin to act as a third kidney.


Dry body brushing will aid lymphatic drainage, open up the pores on your skin and allow for optimal performance of your sweat glands. This can accentuate the process of eliminating acids from the cells in your body. Keep in mind that your skin can eliminate more than one pound of waste acid each day from your body. Dry brushing is especially effective before a shower, bath or trip to the sauna.


Often times these treatments are used to heal or help a variety of symptoms that cause discomfort. During your cleanse you may find these treatments helpful in relieving headaches and other symptoms you may have.


Getting fresh air is important for a healthy body and mind, but breathing properly is also an important factor that is often overlooked. Breathing from the diaphragm often accelerates the removal of physical and emotional waste and will help give you relief and clarity. This can also reduce anxiety and help remove the carbon dioxide from you respiratory system. Try taking a few seconds every day to relax and take a few deep breaths.


Getting out and walking in the fresh air will enhance the detoxification process. Avoid heavy exercise and running as this may cause a drop in blood sugar and energy levels.


The calming benefits of meditation can help you to get through your detox with less stress and with more ease.


This may sound obvious but please avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking caffeinated drinks, dairy products, chocolate, sugar, spicy foods, and wheat during your juice cleanse.

Make Your Own Juice

I am also a retailer of Irish-made, GreenValu maticating juicers. Masticating Juicers are multifunctional juicers that can extract healthy juice full of flavour, freshness, antioxidants and enzymes from vegetables, fruit and wheatgrass as well as other leafy greens. The Greenvalu Juicers offer exceptional value for money.

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Children, the elderly, those with diabetes, candida and those recovering from illness should not follow a detox programme without professional supervision.

If you have any questions about these tips and tricks please do not hesitate to ask. Please ensure you consult your doctor or nutritionist before you start our detox cleanse.