GreenValu masticating juicers are juicers I personally use and recommend to my clients. GreenValu juicers excel at making wheatgrass, leafy greens, fruit and vegetable juice. They have a high juice yield with dry pulp.

Greenvalu JP-CF-01 Healthy Fruit & Veg Juicer; Masticating Juicers are multifunctional juicers that can extract healthy juice full of flavour, freshness, antioxidants and enzymes from vegetables, fruit and wheatgrass as well as other leafy greens. The Greenvalu Juicer is the one of the best masticating juicers Ireland has seen.

  • Our features include auto pulp ejection for continuous juicing, low speed of 85 rpm, reverse mode
  • Simple to use, simple to clean, rinses under the tap and saves time
  • Small footprint 43.5 x 24 x 32 cm, 4 kg in weight, transportable
  • 2 year motor warranty
  • This product should never be operated by children
  • This product should be stored safely and out of reach of children

Affordable at €195