Meet Liz

My name is Liz Gale, I am a qualified nutritional therapist specialising in digestive health, autoimmune disorders, diabetes and anti- ageing.

I hold a 3-year Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (Dublin) and am an active committee member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI). My nutritional therapy practice is evidence-based and I use only scientifically researched dietary treatments and therapies to help my clients reach optimal health.

My own personal experience of poor health sparked my interest in nutrition and I began to notice how food and lifestyle positively affected my body. This led me to begin research into the area and I completed my qualification as a nutritional therapist in 2009.

I am completely passionate about nutrition and the many health benefits it can convey. Without seeming to sound dramatic, I believe that nutritional therapy saved my life. Starting from my early 40’s I was plagued with one serious illness after another: Type 1 diabetes, digestive disorders, breast cancer, underactive thyroid, autoimmune arthritis, and bouts of psoriasis – Most of them autoimmune conditions.  If I hadn’t become aware of how different foods can positively or negatively impact overall health, I think I would have continued on the road to very ill health.  I now manage my health conditions with good, unprocessed, delicious and sustainable whole foods along with healthy lifestyle choices (well most of the time!)  I feel and look, (so I’m told,) a lot younger than my years and am full of energy and vitality!  I’m passionate about helping others look and feel healthier and younger than their years too.

My Nutritional Therapy Career

  • I graduated from CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) in 2009
  • I run a nutritional therapy practice in Dublin, Cork and online.
  • I have a special interest in digestive disorders, cancer prevention and management, diabetes prevention and management, autoimmune disorders, mental health and anti ageing.
  • I completed the Walsh Research Foundation certificate in Nutrient therapy protocols for mental and behavioral disorders pioneered by the late Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD, and further developed through extensive research and clinical experience by Dr. William Walsh.
  • I am the researcher and nutritional therapy consultant for an innovative new app, called Cook and Cure. This is the first mobile app that helps you find foods, supplements, recipes, and remedies specific to your overlapping medical conditions, health goals, and personal diet preferences, brought to you from multiple health practitioners’ perspectives.
  • I am a committee member of NTOI (Nutritional Therapists of Ireland) othis is the official organization representing Nutritional Therapists across Ireland. My role is in marketing and promoting the many benefits of Nutritional Therapy.
  • I worked on founding and building NTAW (Nutritional Therapy Awareness Week) The first national Nutritional Therapy awareness campaign, combining education, awareness building, therapist interaction and local events – The week is aimed at raising awareness and educating the public on nutritional therapy and its health and lifestyle benefits. Running nationwide from 14th – 21st September 2015 and to be an annual event there after.
  • I keep updated on CPD (continuing professional development) to further my knowledge in my chosen fields so that I remain updated with current research in various areas of Nutritional Therapy.
“I had been suffering with incapacitating fibromyalgia for over 5 years. At times the joint pain, brain fog, insomnia and digestive problems associated with my condition were so bad, I found it difficult to go about normal daily activities. I was taking medication as prescribed by my GP in an attempt to relieve my symptoms. However, nothing seemed to work for long and I was feeling quite hopless. I then attended Liz Gale, nutritional therapist, who went through my health history, diet and lifestyle and recommended some tests. Liz then prescribed personalised nutritional guidelines and some supplements based on the test results. After about 6 weeks my fibro symptoms were so much improved that I was able to undertake activities that would have previously left me feeling exhausted and in pain. I rarely get a flare up now unless a stressful situation occurs. I feel better, healthier and so much more energetic than I have in years and am now much more aware of the food I eat and how it affects my body. I wish I had known about nutritional therapy sooner. What a difference it has made to my life!”